Astrologische Bilder –

von Elisabeth OM Schreiber – Erfinderin der gemalten Horoskope – Dein astrologisches Bild – Astrologie in Farbe




Size 30 x 40 cm

The day, hour and place of your birth transformed into
an artistic design.
The constellation of the planets on the day of
your birth
, symbolised by different shapes and colours.
A multicolour painting using pastel chalks.
A unique combination of colour, shape and expression
– the planetary constellations at the time of your birth produced
this work of art – your Life.
This cosmic plan spells out your Task.
This kind of painting was designed for persons who want to
discover and enhance their personality
Our souls are thirsting for enhancement and resurrection.
My description of your birthday particulars
(the picture of your life) gives
a clear indication of your gifts and aims
Behind all this, there is a mathematical system and the old
wisdom of the planets.


They reveal the task that was assigned to you when you
came into this world.

It is important to know that Task well before you begin to fulfil it.
I describe this very special task of yours.
Discover the fabric of your life in the outlines and colours
of your picture.
This picture should have a place of honour in your home.
Moreover, I give advice on your personal colours and how to
combine them.
For example, which colour will be most suitable if you
need strength? Learn this, and much more.

I see potential difficulties and, through my words, suggest ways
to overcome them.
Alternatively, you can just order a picture and discover
things for yourself.

(Price without interpretation)
In specific cases I choose to refrain from any interpretation.
Usually this concerns pictures given away as presents where
the „happy“ recipient doesn’t want to be confronted yet with
the deeper meaning of his/her life.


// PARTNERSHIP PICTURES / Size 42 x 42 cm
One picture to represent two persons. Each relationship brings
with it a unique challenge, a special task.While each partner still has
his/her own life-task to fulfil, the meeting of two persons creates
an additional challenge.The union of two persons is a challenge
of a higher order. That is why it is so difficult to builda good partnership.
In this picture you will find help, for no two relationships are identical;
rather, each is characterised by its own laws, tasks and joys.
I see, and describe, the particular task inherent in your partnership.



Elisabeth OM Schreiber/Aichinger
Teacher of Awareness using astrology and painting as her tools           A -4274 Schönau
Plakolmweg 3      Tel. 0043676 / 845 850 777
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Life picture – a message for your life
Picture with interpretation (including half an hour personal talk)
Picture without interpretation
Year’s picture from birthday to birthday
Picture with interpretation
Children’s picture up to 15 years old
Picture with interpretation
Partnership picture – one picture for two
Picture with interpretation
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